Hey, my name is Calvin. Here's some things I've done. The bottom of this page has my git repos, resume, and my other info.


  • All of the Names

    A list of all of the names in the US from Social Security Card applications since 1880, for fun and definitely not for profit.

  • Containers Are Not Bulletproof

    There was a ticking time bomb on my machine. It finally blew up and took docker with it - or at least it changed my impression of docker containers.

  • Drowning in Git Clones

    At some point in the past few years I realized that working on a more and more git repos simultaneously led to me forgetting which clone are kept up to date and what changes they have, so I created a little tool to see the git status of many clones at once. I’m really surprised at how useful it has been for my workflow, and how I consistently use it every day. This tool essentially looks for git clones recursively (like find) and prints a one-line git status summary.